Creative Ways to Customize your Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations should reflect who you are as a couple. Just like all the special little touches of the big day. Consider a few recurring themes in your relationship.

Your guests will adore getting a small glimpse into what makes your relationship so special. So don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to customizing your wedding invitations. Just make sure to include all the important details, such as the wedding website, the ceremony and reception locations, and the RSVP procedure.

Here are 11 creative ideas to help you get started. If you’re feeling a little stuck on how to make your wedding invitations special and personalized.

1. Make a monogram

Create a monogram with your partner for one of the simplest ways to add a personal touch to your wedding stationery. If you love your couples monogram, traditionally the first letter of your first name is bookended by a shared last initial, then pick a fun font or an original way to intertwine the letters.

2. Print Your Invitation on Sheet Music

Let your guests in on the moment by printing your wedding invitations on the sheet music for your favorite song. Don’t you love it when that special song comes on the radio and instantly takes you to a lovely memory? For a truly unique touch, incorporate a song lyric into the invitation’s wording.

3. Apply Wax to Seal

The inside of your invitation doesn’t have to be personalized for it to be effective. Create a custom-engraved stamp that can be used to carefully apply wax to seal each envelope. Your wedding guests will adore receiving something so elegant in the mail, and the final product is timeless. Just make sure to practice a few times on extra envelopes before beginning to make the invitations. Before you get the hang of it, it takes a few tries to stamp the wax perfectly.

4. Highlight Your Wedding Flowers

An invitation can be embellished in a lovely, organic way with pressed flowers. Use your wedding flowers to decorate your stationery to reflect the style and color scheme of the big day. Your invitations will not only be elegant, but your guests will also value the thoughtful look in your wedding planning.

5. Create Personalized Postal Mail

You can personalize the image on your postage stamp to use for mailing your invitations by using your favorite image, a couple’s monogram, or even an illustration.

6. Include Your Location

Making your wedding venue the focus of your invitation by commissioning a unique illustration to be used as a watermark. Your stationery will make it feel like it was love at first sight for you when you found it. In addition to emphasizing how special the venue is to you as a couple, this will demonstrate to your guests what to look for on your special day.

7. Make Your Skyline Known

A skyline image will give guests a glimpse of the most recognizable landmarks in the location of your wedding. Whether it be the Big Apple or a mountain range close to your childhood home. Choose a straight-line drawing of your city’s skyline for the centerpiece of your stationery for a contemporary appearance, or go for a fun cutout that gives your invitation a 3-D effect for added intrigue.

8. Add a hand-drawn Portrait

A portrait is priceless, whereas a picture is worth a thousand words. Simple is best, in our opinion. You can leave a lasting impression without creating a lifelike oil portrait. Your favorite engagement photo rendered in pen and ink or watercolor would make the ideal illustration to announce your impending nuptials. Make sure to ask the artist to make a larger version so you can display it in your house after the wedding ceremony!

9. Put Your Interests as the Theme

The style of your invitation should reflect your hobbies. If you enjoy traveling, make an itinerary detailing your upcoming wedding; if you are an audiophile, make an invitation that fits inside a record sleeve. Your guests will value getting a close-up view of your relationship however you choose to incorporate your shared interests.

10. Give your Pet the Spotlight

Although the bond between you and your partner is strong, there might be another one that is even stronger. Include a portrait of your pet with all the wedding details if you can’t bear the idea of not including your furry friend in the celebration.

11. Include your Caricature

Young and technologically savvy couples getting married today are embracing the trend of caricature wedding invitations. Send your guests personalized caricature wedding video invitations as a way to stand out and invite them to your holy union. The new couple is personified in the WishNWed caricature wedding video invite templates’ cute caricature personalities. You can also self-edit the pre-designed invitations containing illustrations of the bride and groom as well.

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