How Do I Download Facebook Live Video?

Ever watched a live video on Facebook and thought you’d save a copy for later use? Sometimes we see a great value video, but since it’s in our Facebook feed, it disappears instantly. Wouldn’t it be great if you could upload that live video to Facebook and save it to watch again and again? Yes, you can. Download Facebook Live video is simple. You just need a free tool or a bit of knowledge and you’re good to go.

So what is the best tool to do this process simply? Here FDownloader is the best tool for all Facebook users. It comes 100% free and you can download unlimited videos with one click away. The video downloader features the tiniest design seeking the ultimate user contribution.

In this article, we come up with all the information you can use to download live videos from Facebook in a fast and simple manner. Along with some answers for situations, you might face along the way. Let’s dive directly into it!

Brief Introduction About FDownloader?

FDownloader is a simple online web-based tool to download Facebook photos and videos. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that anyone can use without any trouble. This Facebook downloader never asks you to download third-party apps or software to use it. And no one requires your personal information to log in or sign up with this tool. It is available 100% free online. 

Get your favorite Facebook videos in high quality on your smartphone(Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad), computer(Windows, Linux, Mac), and tablet. FDownloader is an easy yet professional tool that smoothly operates with any web browser. It is compatible with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Brave, Apple Safari, and many others. 

So download unlimited Facebook photos and videos, even download Facebook Live videos with this amazing downloader. It makes your life much easier.  

Why Choose this Fantastic Downloader?

Do you know Facebook is the most popular social media on the internet with over 3 billion monthly users? It gives you all the experience in sharing your thoughts, and connecting with people around the world, and works for some business purposes. So think how huge this platform is and how it attracts everyone with its powerful components.

What does it fail to offer? Facebook never gives access to download Facebook videos directly from it. Because Facebook wants its users to spend more time on their platform. But what if you want to download your favorite Facebook videos and watch them offline? It will never be a problem because here our FDownloader comes to solve everything. It is free, highly efficient, and super fast! So why not give it a try?

What Makes Our FB Downloader the Best?

Here are some of the best features you can expect when using our FB Downloader app:

  • It’s completely free to download Facebook videos and Facebook Live videos. 
  • One-click Facebook Live video downloader
  • No installation or registration is required. 
  • You can download high-quality videos and images at the fastest speed. 
  • Download unlimited Facebook photos, videos, and live videos. 
  • Comes with easy to use and highly compatible user interface. 
  • No technical knowledge is required to use this tool. 
  • FDownloader comes with the latest updates for every user. 

How to download Facebook Live video using the FB Downloader

Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world. It’s a place where people can share photos, videos, and other content they like. With the development of digital media, more and more users are using video for media, educational or other purposes.

You may want to download the Facebook Live video to your computer or smartphone. So, how to download Live Facebook videos to your computer or smartphone? As we all know, there is no “Download” button on Facebook that allows you to save videos to your device. Luckily, here we explain how to do it for free using our FB video downloader.

Is it Possible to Get Live Facebook Videos? 

You can not download Facebook Live videos if the live streaming is in gain. You need to stay until the live streaming is finished and the video is stored on Facebook. Then you can use our Facebook Live video downloader for free and save the video to your device.

Step-by-step Guide to Download Facebook Live video

  1. Go to Facebook App or website on your smartphone or computer.
  2. Search for the Facebook Live video you want to download.
  3. Select the video from the search result.
  4. Now copy the URL from the Facebook Live video. There are two ways to do that process.
  • On PC, click the “Share Icon” at the top right corner of the video and select the “Copy Link” option from there. If not, go to the address bar and simply copy the long URL from there.
  • On mobile, go to the “Share Icon” or three-dot icon in the top right corner. Select the “Copy Link” from the given options.

So you can simply copy the Live video URL into your computer or smartphone following these methods.

  1. Visit FDownloader’s official website.
  2. Paste the copied URL directly to the text box at the top of the Live video downloader page.
  3. Click the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button.
  4. You will now notice a preview of the Facebook live video.
  5. Below that, you will see “Download HD Video” and “Other Formats”. Select the format you prefer.
  6. Hit the Download button again and wait until the process is over. 

Where can I find Downloaded Live Videos?

It relies on the web browser or operating system you are using. But usually, all downloaded videos from Facebook save under the “Downloads” folder on your smartphone or computer.

Is Facebook video Downloader Store Downloaded videos?

No! Our FB Live video downloader never saves or stores any video you download. All video files are stored just on Facebook servers.

FDownloader searches and suggests to you all available URLs stored on Facebook. When you access the URL to save the Facebook video, you save the video file instantly from Facebook servers.

Final Thought

Now you know everything about how to download Facebook Live video on your mobile or computer. This tool is simple, safe to use, and completely free. So try it once and enjoy the unlimited download experience with a fast yet effective Facebook downloader. It comes to making your life easier. So, don’t forget to share this with your loved ones. 

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